Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to Successfully Travel With Your Cat

As most cat owners know from firsthand experience, these animals really enjoy being homebodies. One of the ways this manifests itself is cats want to guard their turf against any intruders. Even for cats that spend some of their time outdoors, the radius they stay within is generally less than three miles in size. So when a cat goes out into the world with its owner and ends up in a place it doesn’t know that’s outside of this zone, chances are it’s going to be on the lookout. Expecting retribution for “trespassing” is why cats who are exposed to new environments generally respond by hiding, making noises that indicate being unhappy or attempting to get out of this situation.

While it’s almost guaranteed that cats are going to have a less than enthusiastic reaction to any kind of traveling, this doesn’t have to prevent you from ever taking your cat anywhere with you. If you need or want to travel and plan to bring your cat along, there are definitely some steps you can take to make this process go as smoothly as possible for both of you:

Using the Right Carrier

The first step in successfully traveling with your cat is choosing the right carrier. Even though cats may enjoy cardboard boxes when they’re playing inside their home, using this type of item with holes punched in isn’t the ideal choice for traveling. Since there are many different types of quality carriers available for cats, you will want to think about your cat’s specific personality and then select a carrier that seems like the best fit for it. Some cats prefer being able to keep an eye on things by looking out of a wire carrier, while others prefer the secure feeling that a covered carrier provides.

Basic Travel Tips for Cats

Once you have a carrier for your cat, you’ll want to let it spend some time checking it out prior to actually leaving your home. Giving this type of introduction will make the experience of getting in the carrier and then leaving your home less jarring. For most trips, having a container that will allow you to easily offer your cat water at least once is a good idea. And while you’ll definitely want to pack cat food for your trip, it’s unlikely that your cat will actually want to eat prior to reaching your destination.

When you travel with your cat for the first time, you may be surprised by how much noise it makes. Just know that as long as you’re keeping your cat close and as comfortable as possible, this noise is simply the result of your cat letting you know it’s a little unhappy and not the result of any actual physical distress. Also, plenty of cat owners have turned their pets into great travelers, so don’t be afraid to continue venturing out with your kitty.